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WordPress Website Audits

We spot minor and major website issues before they grow into damaging website gremlins with our comprehensive website audits.

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Houston, We Have a Problem

Is Your Website Slow? Glitchy? Not Converting?

If your website is feeling like a fixer-upper, let our experts perform an inspection. We’ll give your WordPress site the once-over and then help rev up its engine and get it racing towards success. If you’re:

  • Someone who DIY’d your own website
  • Unsure if your previous dev built you a quality website
  • Feeling held back by a sluggish site
  • Seeing visitors bounce instead of buying
  • Tangled in tech instead of growing your biz

It's Time For an Audit

Sip your tea. Take a breather. We’ve got your back.

Spot Issues Lurking in the Dark

It's Time to Let the Experts Check Under the Hood

Nip issues with your WordPress website in the bud before they burn through your time, cash, and online reputation. Imagine sipping your morning coffee and tucking in for bed at night, no longer worrying about your website suddenly crashing or hackers getting in. Sounds like bliss, right?

Our comprehensive audits look into your website’s design, functionality, performance, and more. We provide actionable insights into potential issues and how to squash them. 

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Considering the Investment?

Pricing & Timeline

Full Audit - $750

Our full comprehensive website audit checks everything from User Experience to SEO and everything in between. Completed in 7 business days.

Health Audit - $350

Required for any website joining our care plan, our WordPress Health audit checks the pulse on the nitty-gritty details on your WordPress website. Completed in 3 business days.

Zoom Call - $100

An optional, personalized video walkthrough, or a zoom meeting to explain our findings in more detail.

See Why We Think You'll Love Working With Us

Why Choose CodeInk Studios?

“You”- Friendly Reports

Our reports are easy to understand, even if you don’t speak ‘tech’. We’re here when you need us, ready to answer all your questions.


No automated mumbo-jumbo here. Drawing from 20 years of experience with WordPress, we manually examine every detail of your site.

Remediation Services

If you need, we’ll help fix the issues we find. Already have a developer? No problem, we’ll provide all the info they need to get your site happy and healthy.

What You Get

What's Included in Your Audit

Our audit leaves no digital nook or cranny unexamined, providing a detailed report with severity scores from low to high, and actionable insights in these key areas:

User Experience

We roll up our sleeves, dig into your website, and experience it like your users do. Because that's what matters, right?

Included in Full Audit only.

Theme & Plugins

We'll make sure you don't have any more themes and plugins than you actually need, and that they're properly configured, current and secure.


We evaluate the basics of your site's SEO and provide tips to improve your online visibility.

Included in Full Audit only.


We check how fast your site loads and how it performs under pressure.


We inspect your site for any security weaknesses that could be exploited.


We verify your site's accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities.

Included in Full Audit only.


We evaluate your site against legal standards to help you avoid potential lawsuit.

Included in Full Audit only.

Because Nothing Proves "We're Awesome" Like Reading That We're Awesome

Need to know we’re the real deal?
See what our lovely clients are saying about us below.

  • “Stacey is exceptional and has been providing ongoing technical support for my website for the last year. She is quick to respond and great to work with.”

  • “We have been delighted with the quality of service and product that Stacey has delivered to us, as the key website maintainer and developer of our eco resort website over the last three years. She is always several steps ahead of the game, in terms of communicating what needs to be done and doing it in the most quick efficient and effective way possible. In short, we highly recommend her services!”


    Lightwater Cove

  • “Stacey is the BEST! She is detail-oriented, has a great eye for design and she is always friendly and professional. She is prompt in replying to any concerns/questions. She is a great help if you need to troubleshoot something and is solution-oriented. I highly recommend her for your Wordpress site!”


    Early Childhood Christian Network

  • “CodeInk was recommended to me by another web development agency for upgrading a website and my colleagues and I couldn’t be happier with her work! I highly recommend CodeInk to anyone needing work done on their website – their websites will be in good hands.”


    Capital West Partners

  • “No need to look further. Stacey is the best web dev out there. You’ve found a unicorn. Professional, dependable, helpful and a delight to work with.”


    October 17 Media

  • “My company has worked with Stacey at CodeInk for almost 10 years. They are highly capable and very trustworthy. I feel so lucky we found them. Highly recommend!”


    Beauty Heroes

  • “Stacey is the ultimate professional and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Stacey and her team.”


    River Valley Estates

  • “Stacey is not only the most competent, thoughtful, detail oriented and forward thinking developer I’ve ever worked with, but she is also personable, reliable and an exceptional communicator. As a result, I confidently recommend her for any development project. She is an incredible asset to any website project.”


    Canva Verified Expert

  • “Stacey does excellent work. She’s an amazing problem solver and incredibly professional. She’s also very quick with her responses and solutions. This is huge because in my business, time is money. Her skill set, her knowledge, her attitude and her responsiveness is why I will always work with her. Do your business a favor, utilize CodeInk Studios whenever you can.”


    Mountain Fresh Films

  • “Stacey has been an invaluable part of our team this year!✨ Her incredible support and work ethics have allowed us to level up in so many ways. When it comes to our website, we can sit back and relax because we know Stacey has our back! 🙏”


    Aquarian Medicine

Audit in a Week

Our Website Audit Process

Ah, great question! We love an inquisitive mind. Here’s the lowdown on how we roll at CodeInk Studios, breaking it all down into bite-sized steps.

Let's Get Started
  1. Order Audit

    Click that order button, and let's get this audit party started! Just answer a few questions and give us the necessary logins/access.

  2. Receive Audit

    You'll receive a comprehensive audit report of your website within 3 business days (for the health audit) or 7 business days (for the full audit).

  3. Review Findings

    For an additional $100, we'll discuss or record our findings, so you understand each detail.

  4. Website Remediation

    We'll send our report to you so you can have someone do the remediation work, or better yet, let us handle that for you!

  5. Aftercare

    Keep your website happy, healthy, and working HARD for you by signing up for a care plan to ensure your digital home is care for by professionals. This is optional, but highly recommended.

  6. Peace of Mind

    Seriously, sit back and relax. You no longer need to stress out over your website. We've got you.

What're You Waiting For?

It's Audit Time! ⏰

Prevent small “oopsies” from turning into monumental digital disasters.

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Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

Hey there! We know you may have a bunch of questions about what we do.
So, we've put together a little Q&A session here.
No techy talk, just straight-up answers from us to you!

Great question! Once we’ve got your logins and scheduled your audit, it’ll take us about 3 business days for the health audit, or up to 7 business days for the full audit.

No. While we’re all about accessibility and check plenty of related factors, this isn’t a full-blown accessibility audit.

We’ll need you to set up an admin account on your WordPress site, and also share access to your web hosting provider (either via collaborator access or by sharing your login credentials). Once the audit is finished, we’ll let you know, and you can revoke our access.

Oh, absolutely! When we hand over your audit, we’ll include all the nitty-gritty details about our error-busting services.

We’d be stoked! Our monthly care plans are designed exactly for that. We just ask that any ‘severe’ issues are taken care of first – and hey, we can help with that too!

No stress! You can grab a 5-hour bucket of our time at our standard hourly rate, and we’ll chip away at the issues, from most to least severe. Get in touch to learn more about our budget-friendly buckets.