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WordPress Care Plans and Management

Our Wordpress care plans keep your website happy, healthy, and working hard for your business.

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Are You Overwhelmed By Website Maintenance?

Wave goodbye to pesky website woes and hello to smooth sailing. Our WordPress Care Plans and Management service is your knight in shining armor if you’re:

  • Losing sleep over security threats
  • Agonizing about updates that could break your site
  • Drowning in plugin updates and compatibility issues
  • Frustrated with the technical upkeep your website demands
  • Have NO clue what needs to be done and when

Your Peace of Mind Starts Now!

Sip your tea. Take a breather. We’ve got your back.

Protect Your Digital Investment

Let Us Take Good Care of Your Website

Not to frighten you, but… did you know that 97% of all new security vulnerabilities are attributed to WordPress plugins? Or that the average WordPress website is attacked 44 times per day? Yikes! 😨

Our WordPress Website Care Plans are like a trusty butler, diligently tending to your website and keeping those pesky website gremlins at bay. Under our care, your website will get the loving attention it deserves.

Are you ready to safeguard your treasured digital home? Take the first step a website audit, with our help bringing it back to good health, and then maintaining it.

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Pricing & Timeline


We don't believe in tiers. We believe every website deserves the same love and attention.

Optional Add-ons

Pick from our optional add-ons to extend your care plan, for services you need, and only when you need them.

Quick Onboarding

After the audit and remediation work is complete, your website gets onboarded within three business days.

You Get...

What Every Website Deserves

To properly care for a WordPress-powered website, you need expert knowledge and a variety of premium services and plugins. With our care plan, we have the know-how and we cover all the costs for you!

Daily Website Backups

No panic moments. We provide daily backups for your site, ensuring your content is always safe and recoverable. Relax, we've got your digital history secured.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Your website, available around the clock. We monitor your site's uptime 24/7, rapidly detecting and addressing any issues to ensure your website never crashes.

Software Updates

Your website is always up-to-date. We take care of all plugin, theme, and core updates every week, keeping everything running smoothly, reducing compatibility issues, and protecting your website from security threats.

Website Firewall + Added Security

We’re your website’s guardian. Alongside a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and regular security scans identify potential threats, we help to safeguard your website from hackers and keeping your data confidential and secure.

Vulnerability Patching

We act fast against threats. Same-day patching of any vulnerabilities ensures that your site remains secure, live, and free from those pesky gremlins.

Domain Monitoring

Never miss a renewal date. We help you stay on top of your domain renewals, preventing any lapses or potential website hijacks and ensuring continuous website accessibility.

Additional Support

With our Care Plan, you're not just getting your website looked after, you're also getting access to our extensive knowledge and skills in website care – yay! Every month you get up to 30 minutes of support.

Software Licenses

You no longer have to remember what plugins your site requires, when to renew them, or deal with paying multiple vendors (what a pain!) We have an array of premium plugins included and managed for you.

Email Deliverability

Don't fret about not receiving another contact form submission or any other important email. Our email deliverability service ensures each transactional email from your website is sent and received.

Go on, You Website Deserves it!

Add a Little Extra

Sometimes your WordPress website needs a little extra boost. That’s why, instead of offering fixed plans, we have an array of add-ons that you can select according to your unique website goals – for your ease and flexibility. (You’re welcome!)

Not sure what add-ons your website needs? Get in touch and we’ll help you assess what you need and won’t try to sell you anything you don’t (promise.)

Website Hosting


With our fully-managed hosting service, you'll enjoy lightning-fast, secure and fully-optimized websites. We include a content delivery network (CDN), website firewall (WAF), and malware protection.

Google Search Console Monitoring


Give your website the visibility it deserves. We monitor your Google Search Console, fixing issues as they arise to make your site shine in Google Search results.

Google Business Profile Management


Everything business needs a Google Business Profile. Many just set it up and forget it, but it's an essential part of any local SEO strategy. Let us manage it for you.

Legal Policies


Stay compliant without the headache. We create and update website policies as laws change. Plus, we add a cookie consent and cookie policy to your site.



Perfect for regular tasks or additional development work. You pick the number of hours you need, and we offer 15% off for our loyal Care Plan customers.

Accessibility Remediation


Forget the audit, and let's get straight to work on ensuring your website is accessible to all. Each month, we'll fix errors and optimize your site for better accessibility.

A Little Humble Bragging Never Hurt Anyone

See our clients saying very nice things about us. #NotSponsored.

  • “Stacey is exceptional and has been providing ongoing technical support for my website for the last year. She is quick to respond and great to work with.”


  • “We have been delighted with the quality of service and product that Stacey has delivered to us, as the key website maintainer and developer of our eco resort website over the last three years. She is always several steps ahead of the game, in terms of communicating what needs to be done and doing it in the most quick efficient and effective way possible. In short, we highly recommend her services!”


    Lightwater Cove

  • “Stacey is the BEST! She is detail-oriented, has a great eye for design and she is always friendly and professional. She is prompt in replying to any concerns/questions. She is a great help if you need to troubleshoot something and is solution-oriented. I highly recommend her for your Wordpress site!”


    Early Childhood Christian Network

  • “CodeInk was recommended to me by another web development agency for upgrading a website and my colleagues and I couldn’t be happier with her work! I highly recommend CodeInk to anyone needing work done on their website – their websites will be in good hands.”


    Capital West Partners

  • “No need to look further. Stacey is the best web dev out there. You’ve found a unicorn. Professional, dependable, helpful and a delight to work with.”


    October 17 Media

  • “My company has worked with Stacey at CodeInk for almost 10 years. They are highly capable and very trustworthy. I feel so lucky we found them. Highly recommend!”


    Beauty Heroes

  • “Stacey is the ultimate professional and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Stacey and her team.”


    River Valley Estates

  • “Stacey is not only the most competent, thoughtful, detail oriented and forward thinking developer I’ve ever worked with, but she is also personable, reliable and an exceptional communicator. As a result, I confidently recommend her for any development project. She is an incredible asset to any website project.”


    Canva Verified Expert

  • “Stacey does excellent work. She’s an amazing problem solver and incredibly professional. She’s also very quick with her responses and solutions. This is huge because in my business, time is money. Her skill set, her knowledge, her attitude and her responsiveness is why I will always work with her. Do your business a favor, utilize CodeInk Studios whenever you can.”


    Mountain Fresh Films

  • “Stacey has been an invaluable part of our team this year!✨ Her incredible support and work ethics have allowed us to level up in so many ways. When it comes to our website, we can sit back and relax because we know Stacey has our back! 🙏”


    Aquarian Medicine

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Our Website Care Plan Process

See what goes into all that website TLC. 🥰

Let's Get Started
  1. Website Audit

    If we didn’t build your website, we need to check under the hood first with one of our Health Audits.

  2. Remediation

    Any critical issues found in the audit will be fixed, bringing your website back to good health.

  3. Onboarding

    Once your website is in good health, we'll do the care plan onboarding.

  4. Peace of Mind

    Once you're on our Care Plan, you can kick up your feet and chill knowing your website is in safe hands.

We Got You

Ready to Pass the Website Torch to Experts Who LOVE This Stuff?

Start with a WordPress audit today and prepare to bid your website woes goodbye.

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Got Questions?

We've Got Answers!

Hey there! We know you may have a bunch of questions about what we do.
So, we've put together a little Q&A session here.
No techy talk, just straight-up answers from us to you!

Yes. Think of it this way: before hitting the road on a long journey, you’d want your car thoroughly examined by a mechanic, right? Our website audit is just like that pit stop. We’re the meticulous mechanics for your digital vehicle. We inspect every nook and cranny, ensuring there are no hidden issues or vulnerabilities. By starting with this crucial step, we’re ensuring your website runs like a high-performance machine throughout our care journey together.

Our care plans are like regular check-ups for your site. We try to prevent bad stuff from happening, but if it does, we’ll roll back to a time when everything was hunky-dory. We can’t promise a site will never get hacked, but we do everything we can to prevent it and will help clean up and restore your site using daily backups that are part of our base care plan.

During our weekly update, if your site breaks, we’ll do an hour of troubleshooting right away. If we can’t fix it, we’ll roll back your site to pre-update times and make a game plan with you.

Tasks are small changes (like content or image swaps), little design tweaks, consultations, and more. Asking for new features, plugin installations, developing new features, creating elaborate pages, or a full redesign are not tasks, but we can give you a formal proposal for those.

No, tasks are a use-them-or-lose-them deal each month.

If you need more tasks, we’ve got you covered with our retainer hours. As our valued care plan member, you can take advantage of our discounted hourly rate for additional tasks. These hours are like your on-demand resource for fine-tuning your website, making updates, or even tackling bigger projects. No separate proposal needed – simply tap into your retainer hours and let us bring your vision to life!

We use as our hosting provider. They’re the best!

We won’t tie you into any contracts because we know things can change! So you’re free to bail anytime. Just drop us an email with a 30-day notice.

Sure thing! If we didn’t build your site, we’ll run a website audit to get familiar with it and highlight any issues that need fixing. There’s a fixed fee for the health audit, and any fixes will be noted with pricing. Once we’ve fixed everything, your site is ready for our care plan.

Our prices are in USD, but we can invoice in Canadian dollars for our Canadian customers. Keep in mind, it’ll be a bit higher due to the exchange rate.

We don’t offer refunds on our plans, sorry.

We accept payments through Stripe and Wise. All payments need to set up auto-pay.

Sure, just let us know when you speak with us.

Once we have all we need (like your logins), it’s usually up to 3 business days.

No, not at all! But we do require your website to be hosted on a quality web host. Sorry, GoDaddy and Bluehost won’t cut it! Not sure what host to pick? We can help – ask for our suggestions.

Not at this time.

Short answer? Yes. A care plan is peace of mind, saves you time, and keeps your website in tip-top shape. Without one, your site’s a ticking time bomb. Think of your care plan like regular car maintenance, preventing minor issues from causing big breakdowns in the future.

Because of the expenses involved in our care plan, each website needs its own plan.

During onboarding, we add a care plan dashboard to your WordPress site. You can submit tickets to us right from there for the speediest response.