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I'm Stacey. Your Website's New Bestie.

I take on all the tech stuff – so business owners and digital agencies can take a breather.

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Hi again!

It’s (you guessed it) me. 👋

A.K.A., Stacey Watson (she/her), the owner of CodeInk Studios and dedicated web developer, ready to turn your digital disasters into the websites dreams are made of!

So, how did I get here? Well, let me take you all the way back to the 90’s where pre-teen me swapped sleepovers for coding. Driven by a Backstreet Boys obsession and my tech-enthusiast dad’s hand-me-down PC, I created a BSB fan site. I guess you could say my passion for web development has always been Larger Than Life 🎤.

If you’d met me then, you’d know:

  • I was the Pixel Picasso of outfits for my Palace Chat virtual doll
  • I used to spend HOURS creating celebrity vectors
  • My Pog collection was slamming! 😅

My backstreet boys fan site from 24 years ago. I promise my skills have improved.

As I Grew Up, So Did the World Wide Web

The early 2000s saw me graduating with honors in Web Technologies from BCIT and finding my digital soulmate: WordPress. After getting a ton of experience on 500+ website builds and broadening my skill set, I took the entrepreneurial leap in 2013, establishing CodeInk Studios. My mission? To build lasting partnerships with small business owners looking to establish, grow and protect their digital home – without the stress of the tech-y details.

My beliefs? I have plenty!

  • Mason jars are the Swiss Army Knives of the kitchen. There, I said it. 😅
  • Plant care should always include positive affirmations and the occasional rendition of “You Are My Sunshine.” Yes, I’m that plant mom.
  • Getting hitched during peak COVID times? Pure bliss for this introverted soul.

Core Values

CodeInk Studios Principles

Our web development agency runs on more than just HTML and CSS, folks! Here are the core values that fuel our caffeine-infused, coding marathons. (Don’t worry, we do take hydration breaks – sometimes.)

Work With Us
  1. Protect the Budget

    We’ll never sell you what you don’t need. Your budget is in safe hands with us – big or small.

  2. No-Secrets Policy

    We're big on transparency. You'll always know the what, where, and why of your project.

  3. Everyone's Welcome

    We’re serious about making the web everyone's playground, accessible and inclusive, always.

  4. You First

    You are our main squeeze. So we’ll make sure your needs come first no matter what.

  5. Straight-Shooters

    We're all about respect, honesty, and shared values. No fluff, just real talk.

  6. Blowing Your Mind

    Our idea of success? Blowing your expectations out of the water.

Our "Pat On the Back" Section

This is the part where everyone says how awesome we are, and who are we to stop them?

  • “Stacey is exceptional and has been providing ongoing technical support for my website for the last year. She is quick to respond and great to work with.”

  • “We have been delighted with the quality of service and product that Stacey has delivered to us, as the key website maintainer and developer of our eco resort website over the last three years. She is always several steps ahead of the game, in terms of communicating what needs to be done and doing it in the most quick efficient and effective way possible. In short, we highly recommend her services!”


    Lightwater Cove

  • “Stacey is the BEST! She is detail-oriented, has a great eye for design and she is always friendly and professional. She is prompt in replying to any concerns/questions. She is a great help if you need to troubleshoot something and is solution-oriented. I highly recommend her for your Wordpress site!”


    Early Childhood Christian Network

  • “CodeInk was recommended to me by another web development agency for upgrading a website and my colleagues and I couldn’t be happier with her work! I highly recommend CodeInk to anyone needing work done on their website – their websites will be in good hands.”


    Capital West Partners

  • “No need to look further. Stacey is the best web dev out there. You’ve found a unicorn. Professional, dependable, helpful and a delight to work with.”


    October 17 Media

  • “My company has worked with Stacey at CodeInk for almost 10 years. They are highly capable and very trustworthy. I feel so lucky we found them. Highly recommend!”


    Beauty Heroes

  • “Stacey is the ultimate professional and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Stacey and her team.”


    River Valley Estates

  • “Stacey is not only the most competent, thoughtful, detail oriented and forward thinking developer I’ve ever worked with, but she is also personable, reliable and an exceptional communicator. As a result, I confidently recommend her for any development project. She is an incredible asset to any website project.”


    Canva Verified Expert

  • “Stacey does excellent work. She’s an amazing problem solver and incredibly professional. She’s also very quick with her responses and solutions. This is huge because in my business, time is money. Her skill set, her knowledge, her attitude and her responsiveness is why I will always work with her. Do your business a favor, utilize CodeInk Studios whenever you can.”


    Mountain Fresh Films

  • “Stacey has been an invaluable part of our team this year!✨ Her incredible support and work ethics have allowed us to level up in so many ways. When it comes to our website, we can sit back and relax because we know Stacey has our back! 🙏”


    Aquarian Medicine

Who even are we? 💅

The people who get it. We know the digital world can feel like a 24/7 stress test. Constant updates, emerging trends, technical hiccups – it’s a whole lot to juggle, especially when you’re also running a business.

That’s where we come in: At CodeInk Studios, we’re not just web developers; we’re your peace-of-mind providers. Our purpose? To dive headfirst into that digital chaos, turning it into a smoothly running operation that does exactly what you need it to do – drive your business forward.

All so you can have more time to chill out, delight clients, and make bank.

Our kind of people 👌

From fledgling startups to established agencies, we love them all! Our clientele includes website management clients seeking the serenity our care plans offer, agencies on the hunt for a reliable development partner, and small businesses looking for a website refresh. While our clients span across industries, they all share a common need – a trustworthy digital partner that can support them as their businesses and the web evolve.

These Numbers Don't Lie

Crunching Code, Building Relationships

With stats like these, it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the partnerships we build and the businesses we help grow.


Client retention since 2013! That's right, our clients stick around!


Websites built and counting. Got a challenge? Bring it on!


Years perfecting our WordPress wizardry. We're not new to this.

How Do We Rock Your Web World?

Your Forever
Web Partner

We’re all about long-term relationships. We don't just build your website and say sayonara. We stick around for the whole digital journey.

Comes First

We're meticulous about standards and quality, working at a pace that suits you. And when it comes to hand-holding, we've got the most patient ones in the business!

Code Nerds
at Heart

We don’t just dabble in WordPress, no no. We've spent a whopping two decades in the trenches, learning every nook and cranny of this amazing platform.

Shoutout to Our Digital Family! 👋

Each brand symbolizes the amazing humans we've had the joy of collaborating with. Here's raising a virtual toast to our fabulous clients! (No, you're crying!)

Are you...

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