Leading Canadian Journalist

Jeffrey Reed Reporting

For more than 40 years, Jeffrey Reed has worked as a broadcast journalist in radio and television.

Project Scope

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Care Plan
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Project Background & Objectives

When Jeffrey Reed, a journalistic powerhouse and corporate communications wizard from Canada, checked out his brand and website, he saw a mismatch. It was like having a vintage typewriter in a world buzzing with tweets and likes. Jeff needed a branding makeover and a digital space that truly mirrored his stellar career and breadth of expertise. Our mission? To whip up a branding strategy as dynamic as Jeff’s own stories, transforming his online presence from outdated to outstanding. Jeff had the talent and the accolades but lacked the modern branding and sleek website to match.

Strategy & Concept

Our game plan was simple yet sophisticated: create a full branding suite that screams Jeffrey Reed. This included crafting a sharp new logo, snazzy business cards, and a website that’s as custom as Jeff’s tailored suits. We aimed for branding that showcased Jeff’s clout in journalism and corporate communications, making sure every pixel of the website oozed professionalism mixed with Jeff’s unique flair. The site became a stage for Jeff’s media relations and corporate communications prowess, plus a spotlight on his knack for engaging crowds through public speaking.

Absolutely love it - we had the same vision for this project!

Jeffrey Reed

Outcome & Results

The unveiling of Jeffrey Reed’s brand new brand identity and website was met with rave reviews, hitting right on the mark with Jeff’s vision. It was an “aha” moment for Jeff, realizing the full potential of a killer website in cementing his status as a top-tier communicator. Now, Jeff’s got the digital megaphone to amplify his writing genius and help businesses and associations level up their communication game. This isn’t just a website; it’s Jeff Reed’s digital legacy, polished and ready to impress.

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