Changing Lives: Changing Mental Health

Clubhouse Canda

Clubhouse Canada is dedicated to the recovery of people living with mental illness.

Project Scope

  • Content Strategy
  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Care Plan
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Project Background & Objectives

Clubhouse Canada was in a pickle – they were doing superhero-level work for mental health without any digital digs. Their mission? To create a cozy corner on the web for anyone on a mental wellness journey.

They wanted more than just a website; they needed a beacon of hope, a community hub, and we were all in to make it happen.

Strategy & Concept

With only the logo and mission documents at hand, we embarked on crafting copy and a design that resonated with Clubhouse Canada’s identity. The resulting aesthetic drew from the logo’s red and black palette, interweaving the essence of Canada into every pixel. Our commitment to inclusivity was paramount, mirroring Clubhouse Canada’s philosophy by prioritizing accessibility (WCAG 2.1 compliance) in every aspect of the site’s design and functionality.


No old website to race against, but boy did we set the pace! With scores that'd make a figure skater jealous – 97/100 for mobile performance, 100/100 for desktop performance, and straight-up hunnids in accessibility, best practices, and SEO – we're basically the Wayne Gretzky of website speed. All thanks to our techy toolbox and some good ol' know-how.

Outcome & Results

So there you have it! Clubhouse Canada went from zero to hero with a little help from their friends (that’s us). Individuals in Canada seeking mental health can now find support through the Clubhouse directory and for potential new Clubhouses to join the coalition.

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