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Third Street Dental

Third Street Dental is located in North Vancouver and has specialized in crafting beautiful, healthy smiles since 1999.

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Project Scope

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Website Care Plan
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Project Background & Objectives

Third Street Dental was juggling three outdated websites that directed visitors to two separate dentist sites. These sites were slow, lacked cohesion and the modern touch that matched their high-quality dental services. The mission? To consolidate these sites into one cohesive, exceptional online presence that reflects the excellence of their dental care.

Strategy & Concept

With a fresh start in mind, we opted for a clean and inviting look, using a palette of white, light grey, and blue to evoke a sense of trust and tranquility. We modernized their logo, adding a tooth icon to make it unmistakably clear they are a dental clinic.

Our strategy was laser-focused on user experience, accessibility, and performance. We refined their existing content and created new, engaging copy to ensure visitors could easily find information about specific treatments. The new website serves as an information hub while also making it effortless for clients to get in touch.


We set a new standard in performance. PageSpeed Insights now has perfect scores: 100 for mobile performance, 100 for desktop performance, and straight 100s in accessibility, best practices, and SEO. We didn't just raise the bar; we vaulted over it.

Outcome & Results

The new Third Street Dental website has a modern design that reflects their brand, and clients now have a seamless way to learn about treatments and reach out for appointments.

So there you have it! Third Street Dental now has a website that matches the quality of their exceptional services, all thanks to some digital TLC from us.

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